Meet Saim

Saim has made knives since 2013 at the age of 18. Saim first knife was a Tracker knife with a Blue Wood handle.

In recent years Saim has begun producing more and more knives, with a current emphasis on kitchen knives produced for chefs and enthusiast home cooks. They offer a combination of fine workmanship, thin edge geometry, and top-notch materials, including his own Damascus.


Below are some of the well-known Damascus Steel Patterns that our Knives are made in:

Contact Us

Telephone: +92 (303) 063-0014

Street No 3 Model Colony, Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Our Team

In our team there are 9 employees doing there job.


We offer a Lifetime warranty on the blade (Metallurgy). This includes any manufacturing defects that arise over the life of the knife like, crack due to delamination of layers, porosity, and hardness.
NOTE: It doesn’t include any maintenance related defects; eg. Rust or Crack due to Excessive force.

Knives Hunt Reach World Wide:

Our Damascus Process is illustrated and detailed below:

Steps 1 through 4 (illustrated above left to right) are called out below;

01. Plates of 1095 High Carbon and Nickel 15N20 are laid out
02. We stack the plates and tack weld them together to keep them in place
03. Next, the stack is heated in the forge until its glowing orange or close to melting point
04. Then, the stack is taken over to the hammer and forged together
05. The billet is then profiled/cut in the soft state
06. Heat-treating (the most important step of the process):
We first preheat the furnace to 1500o F and place the profiled blade in the furnace and monitor the thermocouples to climb back to 1500F and let it soak for 5 mins. The blade is immediately quenched in oil. The blade is tempered at 400 deg F twice for 1 hr each.
07. Grinding from low to high grit wheels to achieve the fine surface finish and polish. Depending on the style and shape of the blade the grind and polishing can take many more hours, but from start to finish it generally takes at least 30hr to finish a knife.
08. The leather is formed and traced to fit the knife like a glove. We use quality and high gauge cowhide.